Emilee King

Emilee King


Emilee King is the author of the YA survival series Arie’s Story, and while she really loves to write stories, she really hates to write biographies. All you really need to know is she collects Sharpies, belongs in the Slytherin house, and will be on Team Cap forever. She lives in Utah with her laptop, where she works, writes, and does secret agent assignments on the side (obviously). Visit her website at www.emileeking.com.

  • Books

    Before I Fall, The Lunar Chronicles, Illuminae Files, The Host, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter

  • Film

    Dark Knight Trilogy, Marvel, Mission: Impossibles, Disney, The Peanuts Movie

  • Shows

    Alias, Friends, Stranger Things, Sherlock, Family Feud

  • Music

    Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Florence + the Machine, Paramore, OneRepublic, Disney

  • Games

    Mario Kart and Solitaire all the way

  • Character

    Captain America