Chris Brock

Chris Brock


Chris currently lives in South Korea teaching English and writing on the side. He recently received his doctorate in English Literature from Idaho State University, but he has yet to truly use his degree. And, fully grasp the correct usage of commas. Instead, he writes fantasy fiction that sometimes borders on the absurd and the obscene. Mad Reign is his second novel. His first was Cinderella’s Kiss, the most unromantic version of the fairy tale ever told, as far as he knows.


OMAM SERIES - The Mad Reign

  • Books

    Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammet, Frank Miller, Chaucer, Virgil

  • Film

    The Wild Bunch, The Hateful Eight, Bladerunner

  • Shows

    The Expanse, Legion, Preacher

  • Music

    Cinematic/Epic, Acid/Dubstep, Roots/Swamp Rock

  • Games

    Bioshock, Crusader Kings 2, Dota 2
  • Characters

    Philip Marlowe, The Continental Op, Bosola