Beth Buck

Beth Buck


Beth Buck has been writing stories since like second grade but only started thinking of herself as a writer after she had graduated in Middle Eastern Studies, got rejected by the CIA, and had a few kids. She has written a lot about Emergency Preparedness in the past, but prefers to write about worlds of her own making. Her ideal fantasy world rejects dragons in medieval Europe in favor of lamassus in ancient Mesopotamia. In addition to her writing, Beth also enjoys Karate (rank: black belt), and her spinning wheel (a Kromski Sonata named Hildegarde).

  • Books

    The Good Master, Ella Enchanted, The Epic of Gilgamesh

  • Film

    Whale Rider, I Robot, Tron Legacy

  • Shows

    Star Trek (TNG and Voyager), Dave the Barbarian

  • Music

    Selected film scores, The Alan Parsons Project, Reverie by Debussy

  • Games

    Warcraft III, House Rules Monopoly

  • Character

    Eowyn Eomund’s Daughter