Announcing the Finalists and Grand Prize Winner!

Time flies when you are living the dream! Our 2016/2017 Winter competition is closed, over and done with. The winners have been selected. There were some awesome entries this year. Not as many as last year, but still a competitive group.

The winners had to all be under 3,500 words, and we judged them based on how well they fit within one of our established storyworlds, how quickly and how well the stories developed their characters and their world, their episodic story arc, and their overall craft/skill.


All five of the finalist authors have been welcomed onboard the expanding team of FV authors who will have early access to our mobile app and who are creating collaborative content within our current storyverses. The five winning stories will also be published together in our trade/paper FV 2017 compilation.

Without further delay the five finalists (not in any particular order) are:

  • Vivian Belenky for her story, Wedding Announcement in the Daily Dragon
  • Charel Kunz for her story, Reborn
  • J.M. Williams for his story, The Last Guardian
  • William Aime for his story, Sons of Skallagrim
  • Beth Buck for her story, The Imperial Conciliation: Julie Crashes

And of these five finalists, the Grand Prize Winner is:

J.M. Williams for his story, The Last Guardian!

Congratulations to J.M.!

And congratulations are due to all who put in the time and energy to enter the contest. A serious thank you to you all. Keep writing and keep submitting. We had a handful of close contenders who only barely missed the top 5. Get ready for our mobil app that should be coming your way in the next couple of months. It will be an awesome opportunity for all you guys to start polishing your work/ideas and get them in front of more readers.

You guys all rock!