Guaranteed Lifetime FV Explorer, Collector’s Edition

To celebrate the final days of our Kickstarter, Fiction Vortex has decided to release a reward that exemplifies everything about us: Guaranteed Lifetime FV Explorer, Collector’s Edition.

Two people (total strangers to us!) have already boldly chosen our original FV Explorer for Life reward that grants the backer every single episode published by Fiction Vortex from here to Kingdom Come. One bold move deserves another. Since Fiction Vortex is already bucking convention in multiple ways, we’ve decided to pour it on.

Back Our Kickstarter at the $250 LIFETIME FV EXPLORER Level and Receive:

  • Forever Content

    Every single episode published by Fiction Vortex until your end, our end, or the world’s.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If we don’t publish weekly episodes for at least the next two years, we’ll gladly give you your money back.

  • Bling

    All the bling from other reward levels: original art, high resolution wallpapers, bumper stickers.

  • Creative Voice

    A voice in the creation of our next serial box by participating in Google Hangouts during brainstorming.

  • Collectable Serial Boxes

    Numbered, first edition, 3D collectable Hiberverse and Schism 8 serial boxes.

Three-Dimensional Serial Boxes

These things are going to be awesome. We promise. We’re obsessed with the idea of bringing back the wonder and Saturday-morning-bliss of collectibles, while committing wholeheartedly to the digital medium for the written word. Remember how exciting it was to visit the comic book store or the hobby shop to buy the latest pack of cards or comic? Remember the bliss of opening the package and smelling the contents inside? Trading with friends? Playing games with the cards? Tucking them away in your prized shoe box afterwards?

We remember all those things and more. We’re bringing them back. Ultimately, we plan on releasing a new collectible character, weapon, or scene card with every single episode published by Fiction Vortex. Those cards will be designed to be stored in our 3D serial boxes. We don’t have the resources to make the cards, but we’re going to make the first boxes! ONLY LIFETIME FV EXPLORERS WILL RECEIVE THESE FIRST EDITION BOXES!

Money Back Guarantee, Content for 2 Years

We get it. Crap happens. We can’t control the timing of the apocalypse. But we can promise to give your money back if it happens in the next two years:) Plus, we want you to know we are serious about making Fiction Vortex a huge success. We are committed to this thing for years to come. We want you to be committed right there with us!

Think about it. Each serial box will publish weekly episodes. We anticipate that even the shortest lived serial boxes should run for a year. Our third serial box is under construction already by MZPtv. You guys (if you back Fiction Vortex at this level) will be deciding on a fourth during live Google Hangouts in the coming months. Our FV Magazine is hosting a fiction contest that will decide a new serial box by the end of January 2016.

That’s five weekly episodes already, and we plan on releasing at least two more serial boxes throughout 2016. Conservatively, we are estimating 750 episodes published in the next two years. And remember, the LIFETIME FV EXPLORER REWARD gets you every single episode…forever. When we celebrate our 10,000th episode five years from now, we’ll give you guys credit for being there when it all started.

Sure, it’s fun to #getsuckedin. But it’s more fun with friends. Let’s #getsuckedin together.