Serial Box Writing Contest

People, non-people, and those somewhere in between, WE ARE BRINGING THE MAGAZINE BACK!

At Sasquan, where we avoided all unpleasantness by boarding up in the dealer’s room with a year’s supply of Kellogg’s cereal, we were bombarded with people wanting to know what happened to the magazine. Well, that kind of response makes us think ‘what did happen?’

It wasn’t lack of great submissions. It wasn’t a lack of love for speculative fiction.

It was a lack of financial backing. We schemed and came up with a way to generate funds. Read about that here. And that is funding our first quarterly serial box writing contest.

Fiction Vortex will now be producing a quarterly magazine. And each quarter we will have a contest to find the best short form fiction out there. Get us hooked into your world with 3500 words and you will have your own Serial Box where you can blow our minds with your longer episodes.

Your Box HereVisit the official contest page to find out more.

And please, visit our Kickstarter, your support is appreciated.