Jim Buckner

A paleobotanist by trade, Jim Buckner spent the first half of his career searching for medicinal value in ancient plants. His controversial discovery of a means to greatly prolong human life both ended his stint as a research scientist and threatened the lives of his daughter and himself.

After being forcibly retired he began writing novels as a means to uncover the truth and expose the conspiracy surrounding his name.

De Novo Syndrome and Desert Gods combine to set the stage for the remainder of the DMB Files. Buckner is also chief editor of the Lost DMB Files, a series of pulp fiction stories from an earlier attempt to expose the same power brokers of whom Buckner has run afoul.

Due to his criminal status around much of the world, Buckner is unable to field questions or comments directly. Such contact can be made through fellow author David Mark Brown (fourth generation descendant of the original DMB).