Get Sucked in!

Fiction Vortex emphasizes imagination and fun. We’re a bunch of genre geeks writing genre fiction for the fun of it. We’re writing serial, episodic fiction so we can regularly engage with you, our readers! Read along every week and send us your comments. Get involved in the direction of the story. I’m not saying we’ll incorporate every opinion, but we’re humble and smart enough to recognize that sometimes the best ideas come from outside our own brains.

When you begin reading a story, you expect to NOT know the ending. We specialize in writing stories the same way. Okay, we might have an inkling of what needs to happen, but exactly how and when we get there is never certain when creating live, serial fiction. That discovery keeps us writers honest and scared! Oh so scared! (Maybe thrilled is a better word for it:)

Enough of me. I just hope you’ll come along for the ride. ~ DMB (Fiction Vortex Author, Cofounder)