Vestal BDM

This is the original form of BDM, before it first began to assimilate the essence of other organisms in the universe. It is the purest form of BDM, and due to its lack of quintessential accretion is the most useful form of BDM to those who have brought it under their dominion.

By the time that the High Hibernal Races began to actively subvert the BDM to their own uses, there was very little BDM in its vestal form. Most of it had been drawn over the preceding millennia, via sympathetic attraction, to the many worlds in the universe and the many organisms comprising these worlds.

One of the pivotal moments in the development of Hibernal Technology was the creation of the nought modules. It is believed that this was one of the first step in the process of enslaving and manipulating BDM. It is assumed the discovery was made on a planet in close proximity to a spacetime singularity (black hole). As a result, particles of asteroids that had traveled within a certain proximity to the singularity and yet managed to escape the pull of it (we still do not know how this is done, although several leading members of the Technocracy have dedicated much time to solving this question), fell as meteoroids to this planet. This meteoric material exhibited properties that “erased” BDM’s “memory”, thus reverting it to a vestal state.

This same meteoric material is still used to create modern Nought Modules. One of the most fertile harvesting grounds is in the vicinity of Trikarum Prime — the largest black hole known to us — which is within cruising distance of the capital planet.

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