Templar Breeding Program

The Templar Breeding Program came into existence specifically to combat the emergence of Chromiums. As Chromiums began to pop up uncontrollably and unpredictably within Hibernaculated Cultures throughout the Hiberverse, The High Hibernal Council pushed for the creation of conditioned, cloned soldiers specifically to address the Chromium infestation.

Utilizing Ancestral Human breeding stock, the Templar became an elite killing force for the sole purpose of eliminating Chromes. For over three hundred years, the program has maintained the balance of Chromes throughout the Hiberverse, but has yet been able to turn the tide or eliminate them completely.

Templar Central is based on the asteroid, Al-Aqsa, and is ruled by Porcilous, a recent inductee as an Apex Lord.

Templar progress from cadet to Ranger to Ranger Grand Dragon. Grand Dragon level Rangers are granted a great deal of authority and self-direction as long as their behavior is deemed within protocol or of negligible divergence. Each Ranger is assigned an OnBoard Artificial Intelligence unit (OBAI) that functions as a partner and regulator. If a Ranger is deemed divergent, the OBAI is capable of terminating the Ranger by detonating the Palm Star at the Ranger’s Hibernaculated Core.

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