Palm Star

Palm Stars are a key technological discovery connected to instantaneous travel and the Templar Breeding Program. By using relatively small BDM fission reactors, the Hibernarii create black holes aimed through worm holes.

The Star Drive utilizes a precisely controlled spherical chamber that can be adjusted in size to accommodate the amount of vestal BDM needed to fuel the DBDM fission reaction after the “palm star” is launched into the precise middle of the chamber and activated. This reaction creates a blackhole custom made for the traveling vessel. Obviously, logs are strictly maintained and smuggling via this means is unlikely, due to the fact that miscalculations on the weight and contents of the vessel could lead to catastrophic loss.

A slightly modified version of these “palm stars” was used in powering the Templars by creating a Hibernaculated Core BDM fission reactor. The intent is manifold: 1.) the palm star provides continuous power for all of their hundreds of tiny hibernaculated augmentations. The Templar are not required to eat or sleep, although it is possible for them to do so. There are often advantageous reasons to do so. 2.) the palm star is metered with a very specific expiration date. Every templar expires at the very second he/she turns 50 Hibernal years old. 3.) the palm star is a failsafe in the rare case a templar goes rogue (labeled as divergent). The heart can be detonated from anywhere in the universe with the right authorization and frequency. This authorization is typically controlled by the Ranger’s personal OBAI.

Technically, they can be used to generate a black hole of small size. With more fuel, the black hole would increase. It has happened a few times, that a Ranger has been captured by pirates and used as a black market means of instantaneous travel. “Palm stars” are highly valued commodities on the black market, one of the most valuable objects in the vastness of space.

Rarely does a group of pirates have the balls to attack a Templar in attempt to take his. Most fail quickly. Even if they detain the Templar, he still has the prerogative to self-destruct if he deems it the only remaining option.

There is a small, taboo cult of Intensity Hibernarii who have taken Palm Stars as their Hibernaculated Core. Their abilities are exponentially manifold over other Hibernarii, but their life span is typically limited to that of a normal ancestral human. Due to the overriding desire for longevity among the vast majority of Hibernarii, these Intensity Extremists are seen as highly divergent and repugnant. But rather than being dealt with directly, due to their ephemeral power, Hibernarii policy is to isolate and label them. If popular sentiment can lead to a decline in the number of Hibernarii who implant their offspring with palm star cores, then the cult will die out. Since palm stars are highly valuable, it is rare that someone desperate enough to implant one is able to procure one.

Palm Stars were developed from Riarin’s valuable yet blasphemous research. He discovered the ability to contain BDM fission reactors within star drives the fraction of the size the Hibernarii were previously able to build.

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