Nought Module

Nought Modules are created from asteroids that have escaped the event horizon of the black hole, Trikarum Prime. The ore from the asteroids has the unique ability to isolate charged BDM from its host matter without it immediately losing its stored “memory” or essence. In the natural process, the ore is vital in drawing complex BDM out of communities in order to ensure there is a continuous supply of vestal BDM at a particle level and available to assimilate the most basic elements.

When manipulated by humankind, and later Hibernarii, the ore enabled the creation of hibernaculums containing “sleeping” BDM that still maintained its essence.

Through Quintessential Accretion, the BDM condenses in layers around the nought module. If left alone long enough, it will form crystals that can then be applied into a multitude of applications via the skilled hands of the Crystal Artisans.

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