Jump Gate

Jump gates are used for instantaneous travel. They utilize a complex and precise process of opening a blackhole to propel matter through controlled wormholes.

Star Drives are at the heart of every jump gate. Star Drives are large hibernaculums consisting primarily of Hydrogen BDM plasma. (Hydrogen plasm replete with BDM). The hibernaculum allows for the manipulation of the BDM by deactivating it, reactivating it, and tuning it to the same frequency of a sister jump gate in order to connect. When the plasma in the Star Drives of two sister gates is identically tuned, the jump gates are able to utilize the BDM strong force to open a worm hole. All that’s left is to create a fission reaction large enough to open a tiny black hole and destroy the vessel which can then travel at near simultaneous speeds to the opening at the other end of the worm hole and be reconstructed using the BDM’s memory.

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