Hibernal Virtues

In the belief of the High Hibernal Races, all Hibernarii have a dual nature: body and mind. There is no spiritual aspect.

So we begin with this two-tiered philosophy. All of the Virtues embraced by these races fit into one of these two tiers. Here are the more significant Virtues embraced by each of the more powerful Factions.


  • Integrity — Strength of flesh: Invulnerability against external attack or injury (including things like temperature flux). Makes the flesh, and bone of a person as though they were steel.
  • Immunity — Molecular Integrity: Immunity against virus or disease of any kind. Makes a person perfectly healthy.
  • Vitality — Strength of Energy: Limitless well of vital energy (if dosed properly) without the need for sleep to replenish it. Makes a person’s energy as undying as that of a young star.
  • Fortitude — Strength of Heart: Limitless (apparently) endurance capabilities. Makes the heart and lungs of a person as though they were the engine of a Mach-Cruiser.
  • Might — Strength of Sinew: Superhuman strength to lift or move heavy objects. Makes the muscles of a person as though they were hydraulic lifting machines.
  • Sensation — Strength of Senses: Heightening of all senses. Extends the range and sensitivity of the five senses.
  • Ferocity — Strength of Determination: Unrelenting and driven by lust. The ends justifies the means, survival at all costs.
  • Diversity — Strength in Balance: Every aspect of Body and Mind must be maintained for true enlightenment.


  • Clarity — Strength of Perception: The ability to perceive all sensory input clearly and at once. Makes a person all-seeing within the limits of their heightened senses. Intuition.
  • Remembrance — Strength of Mind: Application and Integration. Strength of Memory and aptitude for the application of history, archeology, anthropology and culture for the further development of Hibernal Technology.
  • Chaos — Strength of Improvisation: To control the present one must be mindful of every possible future. The unpredictable outcome is the most likely.
  • Equality — Strength of the Multitude: All individuals are necessary for a body to be its strongest. Advancement comes from unlikely sources.
  • Ingenuity — Strength of Creativity: Intuition and Application must combine in continually unprecedented modes.
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