The Hibernaculum lies at the heart of the Hiberverse and is the pivotal technology that enabled Ancestral Humanity to evolve into Hibernarii. It is believed that Yuan the Heretic was the first Ancestral Human to derive the ability to arrest Biomimetic Dark Matter (BDM) via a Nought Module.

In its arrested state, the BDM can be harvested via Quintessential Accretion (most often in crystalline form) and applied to countless applications via hibernaculum. The hibernaculum preserves the sleeping state of the BDM and dispenses it into the larger entity, structure, or organism of which the hibernaculum has been embedded. In the case of a human, a Hibernaculated Augmentation can be anything from a pathogen filter to a nutrient dispenser to a tissue regenerator.

Most central to all Hibernarii is the Hibernaculated Core built around their heart. This is what establishes a Hibernari as such, and the Core is what grants them with longevity along with the specific Virtues of their High Hibernal Race.

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