Charged and Replete BDM

Charged is the term for any BDM that has assimilated the quintessence of any matter to any degree. It is no longer Vestal at this point, and hence it behaves differently. It is attracted more forcefully than Vestal BDM, but the objects of its attraction must be more specifically sympathetic to it, resonating with its essence on more levels than before (see Quintessential Accretion).

There are levels to this. Some BDM will be more Replete with assimilated Quintessence, having been through more cycles of Attraction/Permeation/Assimilation/Egress (APAE) than the rest. While this makes the BDM harder to bond with, it also makes the effects that BDM has on the host organism much more concentrated, especially after the rite of Cognizant Sanction, the host exhibiting obvious and powerful physical and/or mental endowments.

As I have deepened my relations with the Eldermost, I have come to suspect that the culmination of the cycle of Repletion is an entity that I shall call, for lack of a better term, a Mimicron. The concentrated accretion of essences, and the strength of the sympathetic bond between such highly replete BDM and its host, results in a sentient, infinite, materially refined copy of the form and quintessence of the final host. It is in essence a specter of said host that continues on in connection with the whole Biomimetic entity, if I guess correctly.

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