BDM Strong Force

Much of the technology based on the manipulation of BDM comes from the discovery of the strong force that exists between BDM and the matter it is assimilating. The basic premise involves the following steps/breakthroughs:

1.) using a nought module to isolate a relatively homogenous sample of material replete with BDM. For use in Plasma Thrusters, this material is most often an alkali metal or neutral gas. Inside the module, the process of quintessential assimilation between the alkali metal and the BDM is arrested.

2.) Transfer the alkali metal in it’s hibernaculated state into a ionization chamber where the metal can be simultaneously vaporized and ionized by forcing the BDM and the alkali metal apart using various methods (most commonly some form of electromagnetic energy like gamma rays).

3.) The BDM plasma then drifts into the propulsion portion of the engine where increasing magnetic field intensity is used to accelerate the ionized BDM up to 150,000 m/s and ejecting it in a focused stream for maximum thrust.

Due to the strong force of arrested BDM being three times stronger than any other known ionic attraction, BDM-based plasma thrusters are a sizable improvement over any other version of accelerant-based thrust propulsion.

This strong force is also the basis for the Jump Gate system. By transporting the ionized BDM through a wormhole moments before the vessel previously assimilated by the BDM, the strong force is then able to safely draw the vessel through the worm hole to its exact location on the other side and completely rebuild the complex vessel based on the BDMs complex memory acquired during the assimilation state of its APAE cycle. Of course, the second critical element of the jump gate is the ability to create precise and stable wormholes via the Star Drive.

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