APAE Cycle

The APAE cycle is the simplest way of describing the behavior of BDM in its natural state. APAE stands for Attraction, Permeation, Assimilation, Egress. Qualifying adjectives have been added to each of these to further refine the steps.

Sympathetic Attraction: Based on its complexity and essence, the BDM will seek sympathetic host matter.

Sanctioned Permeation: In its natural state, BDM behaves symbiotically and seaks permeation with willing matter. Sanctioning is less concrete for less complex organisms.

Quintessential Assimilation: Based on its ability for “memory”, BDM acquires the essence of the host material during the life cycle or the APAE cycle with the host material.

Egress: Egress happens either through postnecrotic or prenecrotic processes.

In most cases, simpler molecular structure leads to longer APAE cycles while more complex organisms often times result in quicker APAE cycles.

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