Best of 2014 – The Eyes Behind the Mask

It’s not very often that we get a superhero story. It’s even more rare to get a superhero story that’s more than just some Pow! Bang! Whoosh! action. Fortunately, we beat the odds and found just such a story for Fiction Vortex, and it’s a natural addition to our Best of 2014 list.

You might remember it as The Eyes Behind the Mask, by R.Y. Brockway.

Brockway didn’t actually give us any crime-fighting action, which is perfect, because the story is more about the bonds created by people who work and sacrifice together. It’s even about lost love and the way we change as we age. It’s beautiful, poignant, and feels so much different than the average superhero story. Go and give The Eyes Behind the Mask another read, and stay tuned for more great stories from 2014.

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