Best of 2014 – Miracle Boy

One of the nice things about looking back at the best stories of the previous year is that we can celebrate the ones that didn’t get the Editor’s Choice Award but still deserve to be lauded. Today’s story is a perfect example of this.

Today we look back at Miracle Boy, by SJ Sindu. This was such a haunting story, and it felt oppressive and moving without needing to be particularly dark. Well, the ending is pretty dark when you think about it, but it felt pretty effortless, as if this was a side effect rather than a goal of the author. The story addresses issues of faith and religion without being didactic or rude, and even though the setting will feel exotic to most, it also feels real, like it could easily have happened to any of us. To be honest, Miracle Boy probably would have earned the Editor’s Choice Award, if it had appeared in a month that wasn’t already so packed with good stories, so we’re glad to give it the credit it’s due.

Stay tuned for more Best of 2014 stories appearing every Tuesday and Thursday in January.

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