Best of 2014 – Men Are Not Dragons

We’re throwing it back almost to the first story we published in 2014. This story had such a nice sense of scale — despite taking place almost exclusively inside a small cave — that we fell in love with it immediately. We also like a story that puts enemies in unlikely circumstances, forcing them to interact and see the world in a new perspective, which this story does with grace.

Of course, we’re talking about Men Are Not Dragons, by Stephen V. Ramey

Reading about a dragon and a young knight feels like such a cliche at first, but Ramey quickly up-ends the traditional interaction between man and beast. It’s hard not to when one is inside the other. The other nice thing about the setup, and the main reason the story works so well, is that it produces two nice character arcs that develop together, intertwined.

Take a look at Men Are Not Dragons, and stay tuned for more great stories from 2014, highlighted every Tuesday and Thursday this month.

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