Best of 2014 – To Forever

For the next installment of Best of 2014, we’re taking a short jaunt back to November. We published a story that felt overly simplistic at first, but as we read on, we discovered it had some real emotion hidden underneath. It was a perfect example of how authors can use all sorts of styles and tones to make us think about the human condition.

That story was To Forever, by Mary DeSantis.

Honestly, when we first started reading To Forever, we thought it was a joke. The color theme felt juvenile, and we assumed that it would go nowhere. Fortunately, we kept reading and found that Mary was weaving some grownup themes underneath the surface of the story. Near the end, everything becomes clear and the story punched us right in the feels. That’s when we fell in love with it, and we new Mary was really rather skilled for putting it all together. If you haven’t read it yet, you owe it to yourself.

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