Best of 2014 – Black Friday

Our only regret in publishing today’s Best of 2014 story is that we didn’t wait until November to post it. Of course, when you’ve got a great story burning a hole in the slush pile, it’s much too hard to wait. So, back in July we published a story about the weirdest Black Friday sale anyone has ever seen.

By now, you may have guessed that we’re talking about Black Friday, by Caren Gusoff.

We’re suckers for a story that can take something unusual and slightly ridiculous, such as a girl turning into a deer in a shopping mall, and use it to create undertones of meaning that actually apply to normal, every day life. Caren has made this story feel applicable to all sorts of people by using the unusual to relate to the mundane. And if that’s not enough, the list of elements in this story is intriguing enough make it worth reading. There’s madding holiday shopping crowds, shapeshifting panic, a daring escape, a pink Elvis, and a lime green Buddy Holly. Heck, that should be enough to merit a re-read, even if you’ve already enjoyed the story more than once.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite stories in our Best of 2014 retrospective.

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