Announcing the Best Stories of 2014

If you have to work this week, you have our sympathies. If you don’t have to work this week but are still stuck with family, you have our condolences. If you are working, and your work involves conducting research on family dynamics during the holidays, then we have no idea what to say to you. Except, maybe, that you’re a glutton for punishment, and you should seek help immediately.

Whether you’re currently surrounded by family drama or hungover coworkers, we have some good news. January will be a good month here on Fiction Vortex.

Remember in January when we recapped the best stories of the previous year? We’re doing that again. Next month will be spent revisiting our favorite stories from 2014. Some of them will be Editor’s Choice winners, but others will be stories that grew on us as time went on, or that we didn’t appreciate enough at the time. So instead of wallowing in post-holiday misery, you cant get a concentrated stream of awesome stories broadcast straight to your eyeballs.

Well, every Tuesday and Thursday, anyway. The rest of the week you’ll have to find your own distraction. Just don’t drink the leftover eggnog. Aunt Mary left it out overnight, and it is not okay to drink.

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