Winner of the August 2014 Editor’s Choice Award

What a month August was! I mean, August is always a month. But it was also a great month for stories on Fiction Vortex. Thus it is with hearts full of sorrow and excitement that we announce the winner of the August 2014 Editor’s Choice Award. Sorrow because all the stories were fantastic in their own way, making it so hard to choose just one, and excitement because, well, it’s always exciting to announce a winner.

Cue the drum roll…

The winner is: A Place Without Monuments and Endings, by Elliott Langley.

This little gem is a love letter at the end of the world, and it really moved us. It’s often hard to enjoy epistolary stories, but Langley managed to create a narrator that is engaging and believable, and the letter turns out to be so many things: a love letter, an apology, a self exploration, and a record of the end of it all. Add to that a slow reveal that gradually builds over the course of the story to show the narrator in a new light, and we just couldn’t help but love this story.

Congratulations to the winner, and thanks again to all our authors. You make FV great.

And don’t forget to visit the Reader’s Choice Poll, where you can vote for your favorite story from August.

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