Reader’s Choice Poll for August 2014

Get ready for ultimate power to course through your arm, down through your mouse, out through a series of invisible tubes, and into our hallowed servers, whereupon your choice for the best Fiction Vortex story of August 2014 will be registered as an edict from the gods.

That’s right, for a small moment you are a vote god, casting bolts of choosing upon our site. All we ask is that you use your powers for good.

The eligible stories for the August 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll are linked below, in case you need a quick refresher before letting your mighty will be known.

The Death-Wish, by Max Kalender

A Place Without Monuments and Endings, by Elliott Langley

Black Road, by L. Nicol Cabe

I’ll Go With Her, But Not Yet, by Sean Ealy

Cast your vote in the poll below, and look for the results to be announced later in September. The poll closes on September 8, so vote soon and spread the word! And if you haven’t seen the Editor’s Choice Award yet, you should.

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