Reader’s Choice Poll – July 2014

Your turn is here; your time has come; your future is now. That’s just a fancy way of saying that the Reader’s Choice Poll is now open for your votes. You can tell us what your favorite story was from July 2014, so you should probably do that. Go forth and click!

Below are all the eligible stories from July 2014; take a moment to refresh your memories before making your choice.

The Lodeon Situation, by Robert Bagnall

Black Friday, by Caren Gussoff

Small Snatches of Life from Before, by Steve Toase

Yet Another Invader, by Sean Monaghan

Good-bye, Mr. Chip, by Jaime Kittrick

The poll is below, awaiting your vote. It will remain open for a week. And if you haven’t already, check out who won July’s Editor’s Choice Award.

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