Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award – June 2014

You realize that the year is half over, right? All that relief you felt when the holiday season was over, at this point we’re now getting closer to that again rather than farther away. The summer will be over before you know it, the ice golems will emerge from their hibernation caves, and we’ll all be miserable again.

But in the meantime, cheer up grumpy gus! We’ve got the winner of the June 2014 Editor’s Choice award!

Our pick this month goes to The Recompense Grift, by R.Y. Brockway. We were prepared to dismiss this one because we’re not that enthusiastic about Westerns. Then we hit the supernatural twist, and we were hooked. The prose gets to the point, it ends with a nice bit of action, and the relationship between the main characters is refreshingly simple and frank. It’s a fantastic little tale, through and through.

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