Reader’s Choice Poll – May 2014

Sit right down and get your voting finger ready. The Reader’s Choice Poll for May 2014 may be running a little late, but it’s no less clickable. It’s your turn to decide which was the best story from our May 2014 issue, and frankly you’re the only one we can trust. Yeah, you. And you. Oh, and you. Yes, mom, you too.

The competition for May is listed below. Do your homework, vote according to the dictates of your literary conscience, and then share the poll with anyone else who appreciates good science fiction and fantasy short stories. In fact, tack one more item on the end of that to-do list: Pat yourself on the back, you magnificent reader, you.

Here are the eligible stories:

The Holy Bones, by David Kavanaugh

A Helpful Stranger, by David Malone

And Now, Mr. Serling, by Timothy Mudie

Semiosis, by Evan Dicken

And here is the poll:

The poll will stay open through June 19, after which we’ll announce the winner.

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