Winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll – April 2014

The results are in, and your will has been made known. Well, the will of sixty-two percent of you, which is good enough to declare a winner for the April 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll. So slap the table frantically in your best imitation of a drumroll, being careful to maintain a proper volume so as not to disturb nearby coworkers, sleeping babies, or prowling lions (as your circumstances dictate).

The winner of the April 2014 Reader’s Choice Poll is:

Miracle Boy, by SJ Sindu

Desmond Fox’s story, Weep into My Body, raced off to an early lead, but ultimately the crowd voted in favor of Miracle Boy, leaving Weep into My Body with a respectable second-place showing.

Congratulations to SJ, and thank you for your votes. Don’t forget to find out which story your beloved editors chose as their favorite.

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