Editor’s Choice Award Winner – April 2014

The weather is getting hotter, and so is the fiction. Not for long, though. Our story warming chamber is on the fritz, so you’ll have to make do with regular room-temperature stories. Or is it internet-temperature? Does the internet have a temperature? Wait, we’re getting off track. Bottom line, the temperature doesn’t matter because you’re not physically consuming the story, and the narrative quality is still top-notch.

Speaking of top-notch stories, it’s time to announce the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for April 2014.

The winner is … Weep into My Body, by Desmond Fox.

This story creates an interesting new world that still feels vaguely familiar. And themes of familial love and respect are touching without being cloying. It’s a great mix, and we loved it.

Stay tuned for the Reader’s Choice Poll, wherein you make your mighty will known upon our site. You and everyone else. But still…

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