Winner of the Best of 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll

The biggest Reader’s Choice Poll in Fiction Vortex history has officially closed, and it’s time to reveal the winner. Unfortunately, the goblin accountant’s union is on strike, so we’ve had to rely on technology to tabulate the votes. So no, we haven’t been certified by the Bureau of Speculative Middle Management, but what we lack in authenticity we make up in enthusiasm. When performing complex tasks in an unfamiliar profession, a big smile goes a long way.

This weeklong poll was exciting to watch because the lead changed hands several times. But the winner came from behind at the last moment to achieve a narrow victory (winning by only three percent of the votes). Without further ado, the winner of the Best of 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll, the audience’s favorite story of the whole year, is …

Promised Land, by Rebecca Ann Jordan!

The victory is well deserved. Rebecca combined a fascinating protagonist with an epic scope, and then threw in bugshot. Yes, bugshot. If you haven’t read it, you owe it to yourself and Rebecca to go check it out.

Congratulations to the winner, and thanks once again to all our authors and fans. We’re proud of what a wonderful year 2013 turned out to be, and we owe it all to you. No, not you. The one behind you. No the one behind you and to the left. Oh forget it, we owe it all to you. Yes, you.

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