Best of 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll

You have waited patiently, dear readers, and now you shall be rewarded with a choice and a complimentary dragon egg. However, due to a problem with shipping, we only have the choice to offer you right now. But rest assured that it’s a doozy. It’s time for you to pick the best story of 2013.

Don’t faint. You can handle this.

Below you will find the list of eligible stories. We chose the sixteen best stories published in 2013, and it’s up to you to pick your favorite. We’ve included links to each story (below the poll), in case you need a quick refresher. And don’t forget what’s at stake: The winner of the Best of 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll wins $100 and your undying gratitude. You might even be able extort the winner into doing a very (very very) minor favor for you. You know, something like:

“This is such a nice vote you have … would be shame if something bad were to happen to it.”

Note that Fiction Vortex neither encourages nor condones the use of votes to influence authors or the exchange of votes for favors. We just think the idea is too hilarious not to mention.

So, back to this monstrously awesome poll thingy. Pick your favorite story below, and we’ll announce the winner next Saturday, along with the Editor’s Choice Award winner.

Go forth and vote.

Eligible Stories:

Pollinger’s Notebook
Dream Eater
Triple’s Blog
Losses Beyond the Kill Point
The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists
Past Another Sky
Whispers in the Flame
Memory Book
Miye’s In
Time to Sell
Blood or Black Tears
The Weather Forecast
The Traditional Taste
The Thrashed Wheat of Yellowed October
Promised Land

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