Get Ready for the Best Stories of 2013

We just can’t get enough of you guys. We’re like that crazy aunt who’s inexplicably but genuinely interested in hearing all about your life and your accomplishments. So in the spirit of overbearing-but-totally-not-creepy love for good fiction, we’re revisiting the best stories of 2013.

Which means there are more contests and prizes to award!

We’ve chosen what we feel (in our completely subjective but authoritative opinion, because we’re the captains of this literary starship, darnit) are the best sixteen stories from the first year of Fiction Vortex. The winners of the Fiction Contest from each month are automatically selected, along with eight others that we thought were exceptional. Starting next week, we’ll post a link to one of those stories every day (Tuesday through Friday), along with a quick reminiscence about why we loved it.

Then, in the last week of the month, we’ll give out two big awards. The first, our Best Story award, will be awarded to the best story in 2013, as chosen by the Fiction Vortex editorial staff. Then, we open it up to you, the reader, with our biggest Reader’s Choice poll yet. That’s right, you get to choose your favorite from the sixteen eligible stories, and the winner will be crowned the Reader Favorite of 2013.

Not only are the contests bigger than usual, the prizes are too. The winner of each award will receive $100! In order to spread the love, the winner of the Fiction Contest (editor’s choice) will not be eligible for the Reader’s Choice poll. So two authors will walk away with a big fat Benjamin, in the form of ones and zeros, as transmitted by PayPal. A digi-Benjamin, if you will.

If you haven’t heard about the upcoming changes in our payment structure for 2014, you should educate yourself. The new plan starts with the new stories that will appear in our February issue.

In the meantime, enjoy our retrospective of the best stories from last year, and get ready for a poll throwdown. Maybe we’ll even kick it off by throwing down an actual pole, just for pun’s sake.

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