Best of 2013 – Time to Sell

Whether it’s for work, recreation, or filling out tax forms, everybody has wished for more time. In the story Time to Sell, author J. Rohr brings this desire to life. He turns an abstract concept into a real commodity, and then shows us the lives of people who are constantly chasing after that one extra moment. Like the real world — where time is money instead of … well, time — people scramble for every last shred they can get, and hurt each other in the process.

One of the reasons we picked Time to Sell as one of the best stories of 2013 is that it takes an extraordinary concept and extracts an everyday scene from it. We see the fantastical through a moment of mundanity, where buying and selling time is a commonplace occurrence. There’s also something familiar about the salesmen, the pitches and the slick lines which remind us of the the real world, and how we’re all chasing something.

Stay tuned as we revisit our favorite stories from 2013, and get ready to cast your vote in the biggest Reader’s Choice poll this side of whatever convenient landmark you are near.

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