Best of 2013 – The Thrashed Wheat of Yellowed October

The last time we talked about The Thrashed Wheat of Yellowed October, by Jacqueline Kharouf, we said this: “We like a story that requires something of the reader, that doesn’t lay all its cards down face-up. This story is a beautiful tale about lies and desires, family and foes that wraps around on itself nicely.” These words still hold true, so it’s no surprise that this story is popping up in our revisit of the best stories of last year.

The Thrashed Wheat of Yellowed October is many things: a fantasy, a mystery, a love story, a tragedy, and even, if you squint just right, a fable. The wonderful imagery that Jacqueline inserts throughout the story makes it vivid, and if that weren’t enough, there’s also a talking horse. I can tell you’re sold, now.

Stay tuned as we revisit our favorite stories from 2013, and get ready to cast your vote in the biggest Reader’s Choice poll this side of whatever convenient landmark you are near.

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