Best of 2013 – Promised Land

It’s not often that an idea can be simultaneously gross and fascinating. But it’s also not often that you hear the term “bugshot.” Fortunately, Rebecca Ann Jordan gave us all that and the accompanying heeby-jeebies in her science fiction story Promised Land. Oh, and the rest of the story is pretty awesome, too. You know, in case you needed another reason to like it.

This is one of those stories that feels expansive despite focusing a single protagonist. Promised Land follows the leader of a band of survivors as they seek the … you guessed it, promised land. But you almost don’t want them to succeed because the world they already occupy is so interesting and real.

Stay tuned as we revisit our favorite stories from 2013, and get ready to cast your vote in the biggest Reader’s Choice poll this side of whatever convenient landmark you are near.

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