Best of 2013 – Past Another Sky

The term “space western” can be pretty divisive, for many reasons. But when it’s done right, it combines the best of two genres, and the result is great. That’s why we were pretty excited to find Past Another Sky, by Scott Birrenkott, which is mournful, gritty, and brash. Even if the idea of a space western doesn’t strike your fancy, this one deserves a shot.

You can almost feel the dust and smell the stale liquor in Past Another Sky, but you can also see the stars glitter and the enormous spaceships gleam. It feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does, and the characters draw you in all the same.

Stay tuned as we revisit our favorite stories from 2013, and get ready to cast your vote in the biggest Reader’s Choice poll this side of whatever convenient landmark you are near.

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