Best of 2013 – Losses Beyond the Kill Point

It’s hard to pull off a good reveal without making the story cheesy, which is why Losses Beyond the Kill Point, by Marilyn K. Martin, was so impressive. Also, it packs such an emotional punch that we could almost cry. I mean, not that we cried. Anyone who ever says that a story has made us cry is a blatant liar. Because we never cry. But if there was a story that would make us cry, this might be it.

But of course we didn’t.


Anyway, getting back to the bit about reveals, Losses Beyond the Kill Point manages to make the reveal feel smooth and interesting. Readers feel like they’re learning and discovering the world along with a mentally ill protagonist, which is a pretty astonishing accomplishment.

Stay tuned as we revisit our favorite stories from 2013, and get ready to cast your vote in the biggest Reader’s Choice poll this side of whatever convenient landmark you are near.

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