Winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll – November 2013

‘Tis the season to be freaked out about how many people you still need to buy gifts for. So distract yourself from the consumerist guilt and spend some time being jealous of the person who won the Reader’s Choice Poll for November 2013. It’s the holiday spirit!

After tallying the votes, there was a clear winner this month. No neck-and-neck sprint to the finish line; this time the winner romped across the finish line all alone.

The winner of the Reader’s Choice Poll for November 2013 is The Countess and the Bard, by Kyle Rader. Congratulations to Kyle and thanks to our authors. You may now return to your regularly scheduled seasonal guilt and existential angst.

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  1. […] (and through all the shameless self-promotion that I did over the past week) my story won the Reader’s Choice award for the month of November, capturing nearly sixty-five percent of the total […]

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