The Best of 2013 and Big Changes to Our Payment Guidelines

We’ve decided not to wait for January to start our New Year’s resolutions. We’re rebels like that. To that end, we’ve got some big news. Big, big news. We’re going to have a Best of 2013 review, and we’re going to start paying our authors more!

So first thing’s first. We’re having a huge contest to determine the best stories of 2013! In the month of January, we won’t post any new stories, but we will revisit some of our favorites from 2013. This includes the First Place winners from each month, as well as some other favorites. At the end of the month, there will be a mega-super-ultra-magni-duper-olley-olley-oxen-free Reader’s Choice poll and a Meta-Editor’s Choice winner. That means that you will be able to vote for the best story of the year, and we’ll select our own favorite story (and they can’t be the same story). Both winners will each receive $100! So stay tuned throughout January for the eligible stories.

That brings us to February, where the changes just keep on … er, changing. We’ve decided to change our payment structure in order to pay our authors more. So, starting in February, we will post one story per week (on Tuesdays), and all published authors will receive $10. There will no longer be Fiction Contest winners, but there will be an Editor’s Choice pick each month, and the winning author will receive $30. Don’t panic, we’re keeping the Reader’s Choice poll, but now the winner will receive $20. We’re sad that we won’t be publishing as many stories per month, but we want to show more appreciation to authors and increase our payments.

In the meantime, continue to enjoy the December stories, and stay posted for even more great stories next year!

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