Reader’s Choice Poll – December 2013

You’re probably tired of making choices at this point; you just spent the last month worrying about getting a thoughtful but reasonable present for your parents, and you’re wishing that adulthood wasn’t so hard … and expensive. I get it. But just stick with me for a little longer, here. We need you to cast your vote in the Reader’s Choice Poll. As soon as you tell us your favorite story from December 2013, it’s over. You can jump directly into choosing the right New Year’s resolution that won’t be too devastating when you break it.

Whoops, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.

Regardless, links to the eligible stories are below, and the poll is below that. Muster your strength, squint through the hangover and let us know which story was your favorite. The poll will remain open until the end of Monday, January 6, 2014.

The Thrashed Wheat of Yellowed October, by Jacqueling Kharouf

Blemish, by Damien Krsteski

The Razorblade Dragon, by Nathan James

Loss and Understanding, by Jamie Lackey

Promised Land, by Rebecca Ann Jordan

Far on the Ringing Plains, by Jeffery A. Sergent

The Vilkacis, by Konstantine Paradias

The Passage of Aldo, by Colin Heintze

Cthulhu Misspelled, by Clayton Snyder

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