Winner of the September 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll

There’s nothing like a good fight, especially when it takes place far away from our puny bodies. Which is why it was so much fun to watch September’s Reader’s Choice Poll play out within the confines of our gnome-powered servers. We didn’t have to clean up any blood, and there was only one report of injury to someone’s clicking finger. Good show, everyone!

The competition was some of the fiercest we’ve seen yet; the lead changed hands many times. We’d like to thank you all for participating in such a lively debate about good fiction.

Now to the big announcement: The winner of the September 2013 Reader’s Choice Poll is Rotations, by Brian Druckenmiller.

We’re happy to see Rotations get the win because it was one of our favorites, and it only narrowly missed out on winning one of the top three spots in our main fiction contest. Druckenmiller did a superb job creating a vivid culture that felt real but could have been dropped in almost any world, fantasy or otherwise. Plus, the emotion and conflict are so well handled, it’s not hard to see why this was the favorite.

Runners up include The Second British Empire, a haunting science fiction story which missed the top spot in the poll by only two percent of the vote, and The Grannywoman of Devil’s Backbone, which did an excellent job of making you root for the creepy old lady no one wants to cross.

The coming poll will be horror themed for our October issue, so get ready to vote for the most disturbing and/or scary story that isn’t about clowns (We refuse to acknowledge the existence of clowns in fiction or reality).

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