Reader’s Choice Poll – September 2013

Once again, the voice of the people shall be made known … via technology that requires no vocal chords whatsoever. So, really, the click of the people shall be made known! Freedom!

The Reader’s Choice Poll for September 2013 is open and ready for your vote below. Here are the eligible stories:

The Second British Empire, by Alastair Keith

Miye’s In, by Joanna Maciejewska

The Eternal, by Les Zigomanis

The Trouble with Exopolitics, by Michael Hemmingson

Somnambula, by Aaron F. Runyon

Rotations, by Brian Druckenmiller

Time to Sell, by J. Rohr

The Grannywoman of Devil’s Backbone, by Teel James Glenn

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the entries, vote away!

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