October eBook Issue Available … Early!

We’re all about keeping people on their toes, here. For example: changing up the PIN number of the company bank account without telling the Editor-in-Chief, putting tabasco sauce in the lemonade dispenser, switching out the triple-ply toilet paper for single-ply in a different stall each month. And now, we’re switching things up on you, the reader. Don’t worry, we went easy on you. We just changed the publishing schedule for the October ebook issue. That’s right, our special all-horror issue is already available!

Not exciting enough, you say? Well, we anticipated that, so we also dropped the price. You can snag the October issue for just $1.99. Zounds!

Normally, we publish the ebook at the end of the month after the stories have appeared online and we have announced the contest winners. But we asked ourselves, “Why wait?” And we had no good response. And the price thing just happened because we’re crazy. We don’t need a reason beyond that, do we?

Not only can you buy the issue to see all the rest of the stories that will be online later this month, you can get an early sneak peek at the contest winners, chosen by our guest judge, Michael Collings. As an added bonus, we also included a delightful horror story by Michael Collings that won’t appear online.

So go ahead, spoil the surprise and find out who won. And enjoy the rest of the stories in our special horror issue.

Kindle version

Smashwords version (multiple formats)

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