Reader’s Choice Poll for August 2013

The Reader’s Choice Poll has been loaded into the catapult, and we’re ready to lob it over your castle wall. So get ready; here it comes.

Oh, I’ve just been informed that there’s no need for catapults, the poll is here for you below. Vote to your heart’s content in the safety of your own, un-besieged living room.

My apologies if the catapult thing caused you to panic and buy a set of plate armor off of eBay. Also, you’re welcome. Because that’s bound to come in handy sometime.

The stories eligible for your vote are as follows:

Whispers in the Flame, by Steve Cotterill

Any Ending, by Alexandra Grunberg

Kastner’s Job, by Bojan Ratković

Phylactery, by Joseph Sale

The Hatchlings, by Darius Jones

Masked Desire, by Christel Bodenbender

Night Shift, by Dyane Silvester

Memory Book, by Sean Monaghan

A Murder in Cyrene, by Alex Doiron

Remember, each person can only vote once, so make sure to tell friends, family, extraterrestrials, and house familiars to come by and vote. Vote in the poll widget below. The poll will remain open for one week, and results will be announced on Monday, September 9.

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