The Winner of the June Reader’s Choice Poll Is…

The votes are in, the tallies have been numberfied, the results have been spreadsheetized, and the divisors have been totallated. That means that we know who won the Reader’s Choice Poll for June 2013.

We had an array of strong stories to choose from, but the majority of you seem to have had one story in mind as the winner this month. Look at you and your adorable hive-mind! Not quite up to Borg levels, but you’re getting there. You have spoken, and the winner is…

Bogged Down, by Jason Norton

The second most popular story was A Feeble Gleam of Stars, by R.W.W. Greene, and Lyfe, by Tyrone Long, narrowly beat out the competition for third.

Congratulations to Jason; it was a great story with some fun turns, interesting characters, and a memorable, haunting ending. And well done to the rest of our authors! We’ve got some incredible tales coming up for July, so the next poll should be an interesting one.

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