Announcing a New Science Fiction Novel – The Inevitable

It’s time for the Shameless Self-Promotion Hour here at Fiction Vortex. This is your trusty managing editor, Dan Hope (a.k.a. The BSR), here to tell you about my new novel. It’s called The Inevitable, and as you may have guessed, it’s awesome.

Inevitable_600x960Before you ask, yes, I did receive permission from our illustrious Editor-in-Chief to post this announcement here. Officially sanctioned, yo! I told him that he couldn’t have his Arrellian Cyber-Monkey back until he approved this post. We’re in a hurry because this little prymate is getting hungry.

So let’s get back to my book, besides having a name that’s fun to tack onto nouns (the inevitable ebook, the inevitable cover art, the inevitable author, the inevitable death of everyone you love, etc.), it’s a great look at the world through the eyes (or ocular sensors, if you prefer) of a dilapidated robot named Tuck.

Here’s the blurb:

Tuck is on his last legs, literally. He is the last functioning bot in the galaxy, a broken machine that used to look like a man. Now he wanders between planets, searching for spare parts that can keep him running for a few more years. But he’s out of parts, and he’s nearly out of time.

He’s a valuable relic of a bygone era when bots were a luxury on Earth, back before they were hunted down and destroyed. More and more collectors want Tuck, damaged or not, as the centerpiece of their collections. They’ll do anything to get him, but Tuck will do anything to stay free and functional.

The truth is, Tuck is afraid to die.

He was originally programmed to value human life, even if they don’t value his, but he can’t ignore his own need to survive, at any cost. That’s why Tuck is haunted by memories of the sixteen people he has killed over the last 150 years.

After a particularly dangerous run-in with a collector, Tuck meets a mysterious man dressed in white who offers a solution. In exchange for some help in a less-than-legal business venture, he’ll give Tuck what he really wants: immortality. It’s a bad idea, and Tuck knows it, but he can’t ignore it.

Even if it means killing again.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Even the cyber-monkey is into it, and he’s barely literate. I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it, too. It has action, drama, gunfights, corporate espionage, robots, spaceships, and a complete lack of human-on-robot love scenes, because … ew! I’ve been told that it’s actually a pretty easy read for non-science-fiction fans, but I wouldn’t know if that’s right because I love science fiction. That’s why I wrote this book.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to read, The Inevitable is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store, and Smashwords. And it will soon be available at other retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, etc.

In the meantime, I’m looking for a handful of people who would be willing to review the book in exchange for a free copy (electronic only). You must be willing to post your review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords, although you’re free to post it anywhere else you like as long as it has a link back to the book.

This is probably obvious to you, but I’m going to say it anyway: Reviewing my book will have absolutely no influence on how we treat any stories you submit to Fiction Vortex (past, present, or future). This book has nothing to do with Fiction Vortex (aside from the previously mentioned cyber-monkey gambit). All I am looking for is a few honest reviews. If you love it, great; if you hate it, fine (but you’ll have to watch out for the cyber-monkey; he’s easily offended). If you’re interested in reviewing my book, contact me through Twitter: @Endovert or my author site:


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