The May Issue of Fiction Vortex Now Available as e-Book

We’ve mentioned it before, but this is the officially official announcement, complete with fanfare and trumpets (in your head). The May issue of the Fiction Vortex not-a-magazine-but-what-is-it-who-knows-let’s-go-get-a-burger is now available for download.

We compiled all the great stories that appeared on our site in May, and have released them as an e-book on the Amazon Kindle Store, as well as a few other e-book retailers. It’s $2.99 and just might be the very thing you need to get you through a long summer, or at least a weekend.

Here are the relevant links:

On the Kindle Store: Fiction Vortex – May 2013

On Smashwords (DRM-free EPUB and other formats): Fiction Vortex – May 2013

Stay tuned for more great science fiction and fantasy this month, and we’ll pull it all together again into the June issue.

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