Reader’s Choice Poll – May 2013

We’re turning the power over to you. Don’t make us regret it.

We are officially opening the first Reader’s Choice Poll, wherein you get to cast your vote for the best story published on our site in May. We’ve had a centaur-load of good stories this month, so it’s going to be a hard decision. Now you know how we feel. To see who we picked for the top three stories of the month, check out the Fiction Contest results page.

The poll will be open for one week, and closes on the night of June 7. We’ll tally up the votes, and the winner gets an extra cash prize.

The poll is below; let your voice, er, or rather your mouse click, be heard ’round the world. In case you need a quick refresher, here are links to all the eligible stories:

Pollinger’s Notebook – by Mark Burgh

Roots and Wings, Soil and Sky – by Nicholas Beishline

The Girl Who Did Not Know What to Be – by Jay Duret

Triple’s Blog – by Todd Outcalt

Undead in the Daisies – by Holly Casey

The Way Station – by Shay Hatten

Nth Chance – by Konstantine Paradias

The Dream Eater – by Priyadarshini Chatterjee

The Face in the Moon – by Eric Kiefer

Abraham, the Boy Prophet – by Michael Pacheco

Transformation – by Katherine McIntyre


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